Teeth of Naros DLC coming April 17th to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

If you haven’t heard by now 38 Studios/Big Huge Games and EA have been hard at work on yet another installment of DLC titled “Teeth of Naros.” The new content is set to drop on April 17th and will cost 800 MS Points (or 9.99 for you PSN users). In “Teeth of Naros” players will explore the magical city of Idylla that floats over an area known as the Teeth of Naros. According to a post by Community Manager Muse on the Kingdoms of Amalur forums the new content will contain:

  • A New City – Explore the Kollossae city of Idylla, which magically floats in the sky above the Teeth of Naros. Idylla features more than 20 side quests, multiple dungeons, and a mysterious new race: the Kollossae.
  • New Enemies and Dungeons – Take part in a crucible of faith and tribulation with new dangers and enemies as you journey through five enormous new dungeons.
  • New Twists of Fate and Items – You’ll have be able to find and choose from three new Twists of Fate, nine new armor sets, six new shields, and 18 new unique weapons as you journey through this new world.

Check out the all new exclusive Teeth of Naros trailer compliments of Gamespot.com


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