Borderlands 2

It’s Baaaack…

Borderlands 2, what can we say, millions of gamers bought the first borderlands game and quickly fell in love with its unique style and spin on a shooter game. The cartoon like imagery is not something we see on a normal basis and many gamers found it refreshing. Gear Box is back with another installment in the Borderlands franchise and promises many innovations, while keeping the core of the game untouched (which fans appreciate). One of the new innovations that has been implemented is in the combat system itself. It has been said that there will be a difference in the way the weapons feel and respond when being fired. This makes for more diversity when figuring out which weapon works best for you. Gear Box has stated that the story and content within is a big upgrade over the last game, and that areas on the map now offer more diverse enemies, with each area being very different from the next. Also added are new classes, and one of those classes which was later revealed as DLC is the Mechromancer. She’s a half human half robot looking character.

Early artwork of the Mechromancer class

Other details that were released are: new character customization options, more enemy contact and variety, more refined combat system, new shield types and grenades, a new vehicle that can seat four, and a new skin for those who played through the first game. There is a special edition that will be available, and it will include a decent sized Loot Box from the game. It looks as if Gear Box knows what it’s doing and wants to satisfy its fans, this is a must pre-order. Borderlands will be available on September 18th in the U.S., 21st Worldwide, for 360, PS3, and PC.

Peep the release date trailer below, if this doesn’t get you hyped go seek help.


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