Max Payne 3

Max Payne is Back in This Latest Addition to the Series

What would gaming be without a blast from the past? That’s what Max Payne 3 brings to the table. Rockstar Vancouver had a booth set up at Pax East 2012 and people lined up to see what this game was all about. A game that virtually seemed to disappear is now making it’s comeback with a third installment in the series. The developers seem to have stayed true to the roots of the Max Payne series, one that was very successful in the past, and have left the gameplay mechanics pretty much the same as it’s predecessors. The slow down time effect is back, dubbed bullet time, and as expected is still a great feature. The areas in the game seem to vary from open spaces to tight knit corridors and will take you through the rugged environments of  São Paulo, Brazil. A cool feature that has been added to the game is personal and enemy damage detection. What this means is, if you shoot an enemy in the side they feel it and respond to the hit. They will reach for it and “feel” the pain and if you happen to get shot in a kill spot, blood will gush from your body leaving you, as a player, saying “oh snap!”. The developers have also managed to bridge the gap between game play and cut scenes, with no loading times in between. Overall this game looks stunning and fun as hell to play. I hope the finished product achieves what the original one had us so hooked on.

Check the new trailer below to see just how polished this new addition in the series has become, oh and did we mention SHOTGUNS!


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