League of Legends (PC)


Story – League of legends also known as Lol – Ah good ol’ Lol. If you haven’t heard about this game then your about to now. It’s a team battle game with teams consisting of three or five players. There are three maps, and the basic objective is to destroy the other teams base. I’d have to says it’s by far one of the most addicting games out to date. If you have a life and have never heard about this game, well you might just want to stop reading now. You might just get sucked into this epic game made by Riot games. This game is roughly two years old and is going strong. With 90+ champions (a champion is one of the characters you play in-game) out to date, and a new champion out just about every week or two, it seems this game is delivering reasons to keep playing. The actual story of the game itself is fairly insignificant to the game play but is very interesting. Each champion has his or her own back round story and some of them even cross paths with other champions for even more interesting stories.

Gameplay – Each player starts at level 1 and caps at level 30. They also have three mastery paths they can choose from and change around after each match. A mastery is a set of skills, that once you level up, you are able to put more points into the skills. The three paths are offense, defense, and utility. Each path basically gives a boost to the champion your about to play with. With so many champions to choose from, you would think that the characters would start getting repetitive. However, Riot has been nailing this potential downfall. Each champion has it’s own unique ability and personal play style. So even if you think 2 champions are similar in moves, well there play styles might be completely different. This is a team based game, so if you think you’re going to go off pulling a solo win you have another thing coming. Out of all the champions in the game each one has its own roll. You have your tanks, support, melee, caster, fighter, assassin, pusher, jungler, and many more. With so many champions and types of roles to fill, the combinations get very interesting. Games can seem to start out slow and with the blink of an eye, all turns to chaos. All maps in this game are mirrored (which means one half of the map is exactly the same as the other). 5v5 games are played on a three laned map. You have a top lane, middle lane, and bottom lane with jungle throughout the entire map. Each lane has three towers per side which lead into your base. 3v3 maps are played with two lanes which are also mirrored. There is a map called Dominion, however, which is quite different from the other two maps. It is Riots newest map. Dominion is basically a huge circle with 5 towers. The object of the game is to control the most towers the longest. Games start out with both sides at 500 points, and the team with the least amount of towers starts losing points immediately. This map is hectic – with non stop team battles starting out as little as 15 seconds after the match starts.



All of the maps can be solo que (you’ll be playing with strangers), or you can team up with your friends for even more fun. Lol is highly addictive and can be extremely frustrating at times. One weak member on your team could easily cost you the match and make you want to yell and quit your match. However, if you’re a solid team then you feel like a king as you wipe the map of your opposing teams blood. One thing Riot has done is add in ranked matches and ranked seasons. If you feel like your gameplay is strong enough and your better than the rest, well you can test your skills in either a solo ranked match or gather some friends for a serious team ranked match. In ranked matches your matched up in your skill bracket, so your rating will determine how good you really are.

Graphics – I must say that the graphics are actually pretty decent and well done. Tons of bright and vibrant colors make the matches energetic and engaging. The game itself is not hard on the average computer, which is wonderful for the everyday gamer who can’t afford to be spending tons of money on a new computer.

Longevity/ Replay value – I’d have to say Riot is doing this right. This game will keep you and your friends hooked for hours upon hours and keep you coming back for more. With new champions every week or so and the ranked system so engaging, you’ll have a hard time putting this game down. I wouldn’t say this game is for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try. Riot seems to be doing this for the gamer and not for the money. I say this, because you can play this game for free. Yup that’s correct. You can download and play this game for absolutely no charge. I believe they’re doing this because they believe your going to enjoy the game so much that you’ll end up going to their online store and buying points which can help you unlock things in the game. It seems that Riot is going to be here for the long haul and let’s keep our fingers crossed that they keep doing it right.


Story: 7/10

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Lasting appeal: 10/10

Overall: 8.5/10


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